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09:00 / Main Stage

Chair's opening remarks

Great Spaces need a tighter alignment of People, Place and Property and Mike is a passionate advocate for new and innovative space solutions increasingly enabled by emerging digital technologies.

Mike Gedye, Executive Director, CBRE

09:15 / Main Stage / Keynote

Repairing the disconnect between humans and real estate

For too long the property industry operated as a product industry. But change is here, and it’s happening rapidly. Are we beginning to repair the disconnect between humans and real estate? And what does the future of the industry look like? 

Tom Dugarin, UK General Manager, Knotel

09:45 / Main Stage / Panel

Design, creativity and experience - redefining the business of real estate

We explore how our industry is being disrupted and redefined, how value is being understood and how our businesses need to be positioned to succeed in this new world. 

Mark Bourgeois, MD UK & Ireland, Hammerson

Amy Lamé, Night Czar, Mayor of London

Lohan Pressencer, Chairman, Ministry of Sound

Charlie Green, Co-CEO, The Office Group (TOG)

10:30 / Networking Lounge

Networking break

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11:00 / Discussion Group

Identity, brand and belonging - Why does it matter? And what drives loyalty?

The sense of belonging is hugely important to shared space and short term contracts. So what matters to people? How do we shift the needle from customer to resident?

Host: Katrina Larkin, Co-Founder, Fora

Co-Host: Yotam Alroy, Founder, Mindspace

11:00 / Discussion Group

The hotel operating model is being flirted with for other asset classes. Can hotelisation work for offices? And if so, how?

New Operating Models - Can the hotel model work for other assets?

Host: Jon Allgood, Senior Asset Manager, The Crown Estate 

Co-Host: Miles Auger, Senior Director, CBRE Hotels

11:00 / Discussion Group

Affordable Housing & PRS - Are the economics right?

The development gap is gargantuan. As institutional and private moves in to fill the void, what the realistic expectations in the medium term?. 

Host: Simon Century, Head of Affordable Housing, L&G Capital

Co-Host: Rosie Ashton, Associate Director, CBRE

11:00 / Discussion Group

Circular Economy 101 - What do we need to know?

The Circular Economy is fundamentally important to the future of our existence. Yet many have failed to grasp its importance to Real Estate industry. We explore the meaning and possible areas to take action. 

Host: Anna Surgenor, Senior Sustainability Advisor, UK Green Buildings Council

11:00 / Discussion Group

Placemaking - Cost and complexity vs value creation

Though most see placemaking as key to value creation, many see it as a ‘policy burden’. So what are the fundamental success factors to great placemaking?

Host: Anna Strongman, Partner, Argent

Co-Host: Darren Callcott, Co-Founder, Street Dots

Co-Host: Drew Pinazza, Senior Development Manager, Grosvenor

11:00 / Discussion Group

To compete with other uses (on value), urban logistics is increasingly being provided on a mixed use basis. Although tensions of amenity issues have arisen, can space-constricted cities still afford to segregate uses?

Last Mile Mixed-Use - Can cities afford not to?

Host: Jack Thoms, Director, Head of Investment Management, M7 Real Estate

Co-Host: Per Wimmer, CEO, Wimmer Family Office

11:00 / Discussion Group

Night-Time Economy & the High Street - A serious boon for the retail Real Estate sector?

A successful night-time economy can play a major role in helping to save the high street. How can that be realised?

Host: Kate Nicholls, Chair, London Night Time Commission

11:00 / Discussion Group

Tenant Experience - What kind of technologies add value and which are overhyped?

There is a shift towards people-centric real estate. But  beyond the rhetoric, what does it really mean? For creativity, for values, and for value.

Host: Julian Barker, Head of Smart Places, British Land

Co-Host: Lloyd Lee, Managing Partner, Yoo Capital

12:00 / Main Stage / Panel

Placemaking - curating space for greater engagement

From the private to the public realm, the curation of space and place is at the forefront of world-class projects. The commercialisation of the experience is attempted by many, but succeeded by few. At SPACE, we delve into the most successful examples of global placemaking.  

Host: Atholl Milton, Co-Founder

Street Dots

Kristy Lansdown, Project Director, Elephant Park, Lendlease

Caitlin Warfield, Director, Marketing, Brookfield

Alistair Shaw, MD Television Centre, Stanhope

Polly Plunket-Checkemian, Senior Executive Director, MAPP 

12:30 / Networking Lounge

Networking Lunch

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13:00 / The Loft

Working Lunch: Lonliness and the City

According to Loneliness Lab, London is ranked as one of the loneliest cities in the world. Britain has over 9 million lonely people, and the problem is growing. Loneliness is bad for our communities, bad for our health and wellbeing and bad for business. It’s clear more needs to be done to tackle this growing issue. But what?

Host: Vanessa Pilla, GM, Socio-Economic Development, Lendlease

14:00 / Main Stage

Mastering flexibility  - how British Land plan for future needs

The Canada Water Masterplan covers 53 acres providing jobs, homes, offices, shops, public spaces and facilities and responds to the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Southwark Council’s policy aspirations to deliver new homes and jobs at Canada Water. But how does a Masterplan of this scale ensure enough flexibility to be able to adapt to future trends?

Emma Cariaga, Joint Head of Canada Water, British Land

14:30 / Main Stage

Flex Space strategy - what do occupiers really want?

Business don’t want offices. They want successful employees. Space-as-a-Service is about helping to maximise that success. In a conversation too often driven by providers, SPACE hands the reigns to those actually implementing a flex space strategy. 

Vincent Lottefier, Founder, Co-Working Future

Jessica Rentzos - van Rozen, Portfolio Manager EMEA, GSK

Stewart Smith, MD, Advisory & Transaction Services Occupier, CBRE

Sarah Perry, Director, Real Estate UK & Ireland, Deutsche Bank

Philip Worsley, Head of Global Real Estate Transactions and Lease Contract, Cisco

15:10 / Networking Lounge

Networking break

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15:40 / Discussion Group

The phenomenon of co-working is now totally mainstream. But what's the institutional response? And how will the next 12 months play out?

Co-working - How will the institutional response develop in the next 12 months?

Host:Vincent Lottefier, Founder, Co-Working Future

Co-Host: Daniel Berger, Portfolio Manager, AustralianSuper

15:40 / Discussion Group

Digital Infrastructure - Long-term contracts, recurring revenues and rapid growth prospects - too good to be true?

A report from Digital Realty forecasts that by 2025, data centres in the UK alone will be worth $135 billion. So is there a catch or are we slow to catch on?

Host: Gabriel Harris, Senior Director, CBRE

15:40 / Discussion Group

Meanwhile Space - What are the true risks and rewards?

They say the land granted planning in London and awaiting construction is equivalent in size to the London borough of Lambeth. How can we use that space to build community and sweeten the deal?

Host: Neil Benson, Co-Founder, Flat Iron Square & Vinegar Yard

15:40 / Discussion Group

Co-Living- bigger than co-working?

Multi-family is arguably the single greatest investment and development opportunity in today’s market As institutional money lines up, how do operators differentiate?

Host: Daniel Jung, GM UK & Ireland, QUARTERS

Co-Host: Ravi Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, Respublica

15:40 / Discussion Group

Affordable workspace - getting it right

Part of the New London Plan, affordable workspace is set to become a planning hot potato. So, let’s get to grips with it, and start delivering.

Host: Conrad Peberdy, CEO, The Ethical Property Company

Co-Host: Sufiya Patel, MD, Creative Land Trust

15:40 / Discussion Group

Reimagining the High Street - Co-working, concept stores, meanwhile space - what else? 

In a ‘death or transformation’ scenario, stewards of the high street are looking to drastically change the mix of assets uses and amenities. What does that look like?

Host: David Barrie, Director & Advisor, Urban Regeneration, Renewal and Real Estate Projects

15:40 / Discussion Group

Responsible & Sustainable Real Estate - How do we future-proof the value of assets?

The correlation between sustainability and value creation is now fully established. So what investors want to see from assets? And what adds most value? 

Host: Nigel Mapp, CEO, MAPP

15:40 / Discussion Group

Regeneration & Creativity

How do you put  people at the heart of real estate?

There is a shift towards people-centric real estate. But  beyond the rhetoric, what does it really mean? For creativity, for values, and for value.

Host: Martyn Evans, Creative Director, U&I

Co-Host: Eoin Condren, Director Joint Ventures, U&I  

16:40 / Networking Lounge

Networking break

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17:00 / Main Stage

Disruption in the US Real Estate Market and incoming tech for the UK

Fifth Wall is the world’s largest venture capital firm focused on technology solutions for the Built World. At SPACE, Roelof will draw on his experiences of disruption in the US Real Estate market and preview the incoming disruptions for the UK market.

Roelof Opperman, Managing Director, Fifth Wall (USA)

17:30 / Main Stage

Technology, Disruption & the future of PropTech

PropTech is now moving from niche to mainstream, yet most asset owners are not fully embracing digital transformation. At SPACE, our expert panel discuss the most significant technologies and how to bring about cultural change. 

Host: Faisal Butt, CEO, Pi Labs

Kat Hanna, Masterplan Strategist, Lendlease

Robert Stark, Senior Executive Director, MAPP

James Pellatt, Director of Workplace & Innovation, Great Portlnd Estates

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